Friday, May 25, 2012

New Job!

YAY! After working 6 years in a crap (but easy and very flexible) retail job - I finally have a new job! Guess what it is?

A manicurist for the salon Nail Tech!

Well actually, I am an apprentice. A lot of people don't now you can work at a salon without a license. In truth you can work as an apprentice, learning on the job, but there should only be one apprentice at a time. You can also work with a permit and work towards getting your license. (It kinda makes me wonder what a license is for though? I guess to say "Yes, I know what I'm doing. I'm a PRO.") Where I live, there are no nail schools. The only way to learn to do nails in school is to take a full cosmotology course, learning nails, make up, and hair. Although I enjoy styling hair, I don't have an interest in actually cutting it. Plus, a lot of times you have to go to school for such long hours that you can't work a job. You end up paying money instead of making it!

So why a manicurist? Well painting nails is a hobby of mine, and I really enjoy doing designs. I was a real artist in high school, so I guess it stems from that. I would go to work with my nails done at my old job and it would go a lot like this:

(except I'm not a man, and I worked retail, not in a restaurant, lol!)

Customers would get really excited and ooh and ah over my nails. They would ask me where I got them done, and when I said I did them or made them, they got so confused! "What? What do you mean?" I mean I did them, duh! Its not like only people at salons can paint nails!

Sadly, being a manicurist is really not as fabulous as some make it out to be. First off, I can't have my nails done! T_T I have to have my hands in acetone way too much. Maybe in the future I can do more acrylic than manis and pedis, and I may be able to do my nails then. Also, I have to wear khakis and a white shirt. They want us to look professional, but I'm hoping I can make it fashionable too.