Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secret Life

The truth is, I'm not 100% devoted to gyaru. It is definitely my favorite and most used fashion of choice, but I love a lot of J-fashions! I don't think this is really a secret, but I've never really talked about it on this blog before. Dressing up in other fashions is a big part of who I am, especially when I'm representing hardcandy house. My 2nd favorite J-fashion? Fairy kei!

I just wanted to share some (not so) recent outfits that aren't gyaru!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Gets~

The title is misleading since I didn't get all of this on Friday. Oh well! This was the first year I ever tried going out on Black Friday. I didn't get up early though, I think we headed out around 10:30.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Eats & Outfit

Admittedly, Thanksgiving is a holiday I really don't care about. I usually refer to it as ," that holiday where we eat a bunch of food I don't like." However, this year was much better! Either my tastes are changing, or the food was better than normal.

It was a very pretty day!

We ate at my sister's house, which was lovely. I enjoy going over there, especially now that she is pregnant~!

There was lots of things on the menu, of course. Two different flavors of smoked turkey, stuffing, hash brown casserole, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese, garlic and cheese rolls, and my favorite - green beans. Normally I hate any kind of casserole and stuffing, but I actually liked it this year!

Our dessert set up, with peanut butter balls, peanut butter roll ups ( I made them!), pecan pie (yuck), pumpkin bread, and vanilla ice cream.

My brother-in-law brews beer, and he always has me try his most recent blend when I come over. I will try it, but I really am not much for alcohol, especially beer - its so nasty! This one was supposed to be pumpkin flavored. 

My outfit:
It was on the warm side, so I could get away with wearing shorts over some tights.

Cardigan: rue21
Top: Its Fashion Metro!
Necklace: found it, ha!
Green Bracelet: Hot Topic
Black Bracelet: ?
Shorts: Forever 21
Tights: ?
Shoes: Target

Ugh, my roots are getting pretty bad, but I will just have to suffer through it since I gave up hair coloring.

What did you eat for Thanksgiving?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moment Like Diamonds Giveaway!

Moment like Diamonds is having a cute give away! Click here to enter!

You get an extra entry if you describe how you would coordinate an outfit for the Forever 21 top! Heres what I put together:

Putting together this coord was really fun, and I think it was a really cute idea for a give away!

Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Cut You Own Bangs! (+ today)

I cut my bangs today, like I mentioned. I never quite manage to grow them out. Something will happen and I will start missing them again. But I thought I would share with you some techniques on cutting your own bangs! I have been cutting my bangs for about 5 years, off and on. The first time I was just experimenting, but the other times I didn't like the way the hair dresser did it, so I would cut it myself anyways!

*WARNING* There are a lot of naked face pictures below. Just to let you know!

It definitely takes a bit of practice (and bravery if its your first time), but its not that hard once you actually know how to do it! Trust me, as I have cut my bangs with no knowledge of how to! But, luckily, I have two sisters who are cosmetologists, and I have picked up some tips from them!

You will need:
* blow dryer
* flat iron
* fine tooth comb
* clip or hair tie
* scissors

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trying harder!

So I got a few secrets posted about me recently...To be honest, it used to upset me when I got negative posts, but these really didn't bother me at all. Maybe because they were more constructive - and it didn't hurt that they both said I was cute!

Its hard for me to think I don't wear enough make up compared to how little I used to wear, but I can see how maybe the way its applied is not very gal.

I'm not fat, so this didn't bother me. However, this is definitely a very unflattering picture of me. And I really was thinking of comfort more than fashion with this outfit. >.<

So instead of getting upset like I used to, I decided to take their advice. To be completely honest, I have not been trying very hard with my outfits lately. I have been lazy, and thinking of comfort first. Also, I am so tired of everything in my closet, so I get discouraged when trying to put together coords. I end up doing the same thing all the time. My make up...well I still try with that, but I haven't really been trying to make it look gal specifically, so they caught me on that one!

Monday night I decided to give it another go. I have been glued to Momoko's blog lately, and it helped me beak out of the box a little with my coord.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011