Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I actually got to celebrate Easter twice! First with my boyfriend and friends, and then again with my family.

Remember my sneak peek?

Well this is everything me and Rin bought for Easter:

We probably bought too much, but Rin and I get excited about celebratory things. Everyone got a mini Easter bunny, a Cadberry Egg, a moustache, and other little goodies and candies.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outing with Rin & Gordon Roqué

Spent a day out on the town with Rin and our friend Gordon Roqué. We first met Gordon at a local convention we help out at. He is a really talented pianist

I've been trying to wear my hair really straight lately. I've been using Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny line, and I've had excellent results! When I normally straighten my hair my ends look really dry and damaged, but that doesn't happen with PM. It also gets my hair straighter than normal. 

We went out to eat at West End Grill. It was really dead there, and there was only one emplyee and the cook. At first we thought the waiter was rude, but its turns out he was just incredible bored. He showed us some really cool videos on his phone.

This guy is so talented! And his videos are really well done!