Friday, August 26, 2011

Smokey Mountain Vacay, Part 1

I am feeling pretty sad about not being able to post more regularly. Work is picking up, as its the start of our busy season. Also hardcandy house is gearing up for another event, which I am extremely excited about. Well, I'm going to post about my vacation tonight! I've had to split it up into three parts since I have so many pictures. Its been such an endeavor trying to edit over 600 pictures using just Microsoft Paint! I can't wait to get Photoshop, then I can make a new lay out as well!

So my family and I left for our week long vacation on August 1st, headed to the Smokey Mountains. We decided to go as a "congratulations" gift to my two younger sisters, who just graduated from Paul Mitchell The School! I was pretty excited, since this was the first real vacation that I've been on in about 10 years!

Day one:
Our dog Poopie is such a momma's boy and wanted to sleep next to her on the trip up there.

Ugh, some quick and crappy acrylics I did the night before we left. 

I love taking pictures while on the road. It such a nice change to not see billboards and telephone poles everywhere!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gal Makeovers: Agejo

I got back from vacation Sunday, but I'm still so tired! And I'm sick too, with a cold. I think its the weather change from being in the Smokey Mountains to coming back home. And it doesn't help that we've been having severe thunder storm almost every day since I got back!

Well I have a TON of pictures of my trip to share (over 500 >.>;;;), but thats not what I'm posting this time! I will eventually, when I get done resizing - its such an undertaking! Tonight I bring you another edition of the Gal Makeover series: Agejo! I modeled for this one, and of course put together my own outfits, and did my own hair and make up.

Rin has way more bling than I do, I got to use a lot of her accessories.

My before picture. *cringe* With no make-up, and my natural hair.

Everyday Style:
I made the bow!