Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has fun, spends time with their families, and gets what they want for Christmas. X3


Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas Wishlist

I guess its kind of late to post something like this. But I'm not posting it with the expectation that someone will go out and buy me these things (although if they did that would be awesome!). I want these things, but if I don't get them from Christmas I plan to go out and buy (or make) them myself!

I don't want these exact items, just ballpark lookalikes!

I'm also planning on getting some more circle lenses in the new year. I want to get some lenses that are larger than 14mm, in blue and purple. I am in love with the Dueba Shiny/Puffy 3 tone lenses Sara Mari recently did a review of, but I'm not sure about them in blue - since they are so aqua. :/ But I do love them in purple! I'm also toying with the idea of some brown lenses...I really like the way Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown look, but I wonder what they will look like on light colored eyes.

Other than all that I need to buy some make up. For the time being I think I'm going to bulk order some lashes on e-bay. And I am curious about Canmake brand. I know a lot of gals use it. Their lip concealer, blush, and eyebrow mascara really catches my eye.

Do any of you use Canmake? What do you think?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations!

I finally got around to taking pictures of our decorations last night! I love Christmas, but its just not as exciting now that me and all my sisters are grown up. We don't go as all out as we used to. And my nephew is still young enough that we can't fully decorate because he will just pull it down. >.< But its ok, because "Santa" still leaves presents just for him!

This year I pretty much put up all the decorations by myself due to the hch Chrissoween Party I hosted. Its been a few years since we really put the decorations up as a family due to different schedules. But I don't mind, since I'm so particular about everything. XD

I think our living room looks really magical at night with all the lights.

I forgot to take a close up of our tree! T_T But here are some of my favorite ornaments:
Made by my older sister, I believe.

Made by my mother. This is my absolute favorite!

Again, made by my older sister.

I think this one with a picture of my nephew is so sweet >u< I think he wasn't even 1 yet!

The top of our entertainment center.

We hang ornaments and lights in our windows, too!

Hayden's cute visits with Santa!

We also have a few decorations up in our dining room.

Ornaments hanging from our chandelier.

We can't put our presents under the tree until Christmas day because out cats will r u i n them. So they are stacked awkwardly on this table instead. XD Man, I really need to do some wrapping as well!

Are you getting in the holiday spirit?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make up Inspo!

I've been experimenting a lot with my make up lately. Its been very hard for me to balance something that looks gyaru, with a style that suits my face. So I've been doing some studying! A few girls I've been looking at are Serina, Izumi Mana, Rumika, Momoko Ogihara, and Ozaki Sayoko.


Her look is a little too extreme for me, but its a look I could maybe play around with for special occasions.

 Izumi Mana

Yesterday I did my eye make like Izumi, even copying the "puffy eye" trend. I thought it looked a little strange, especially since I wasn't wearing any lashes or lenses (I was just lazing around at the bf's house), but I got a compliment when we went out to grab some food!


I just think this girl is adorable over all, and she really makes me want to cut my hair shorter!


I've tried, but it is hard to replicate Momoko's make up! I think its because her distinctive eyebrows really lend a lot to her whole look.

Ozaki Sayoko

Sayoko is my newest inspiration. I've always thought she was beautiful, but previously dismissed her make up style because I was worried it wouldn't look distinctly gyaru on a Western face. However I'm trying out her look today (again, no pics since I'm not wearing lashes or lenses - just going to work), and I really like it! I think her make up suits my face better than most, so I can't wait to try it out sometime when I can really go all out!

I feel a little weird drawing inspiration from AV gyaru. In fact, I used to be really against it, and frown on people who did. But honestly, it just their profession, and you can't deny that they have very distinctive looks and style! I really like that about them! I love that they developed their own distinct "look" that is different from everyone else. I feel like a lot of models make up tends to look the same.

I've also found that its much easier for me to look gal if I go for a more extreme look. The lighter make up that's common in a lot of magazines I can't make look gal on my face. I just end up looking "normal", as a lot of people like to put it.

I can't wait to go shopping for new makeup after Christmas. We finally got a Sephora where I live, so maybe I can actually shop there a bit once I get some money!!

Things I need to buy:
♪ Mascara
♫ Brown/Neutral Eye shadow Pallete
 Stick Eyeliner
♫ Bottom & Top Lashes
♪ Eyebrow Gel
♫ Highlighting Make Up

I find it so hard to stray from what I normally buy when shopping for make up. Its easy with some items, like eye shadow, but mascara is hard! I'm very picky, and I don't want to waste $10! Does anyone have a recommended make up item or brand that they can't part with?


Saturday, December 17, 2011

I got a kigu!

YAY! I have wanted a kigurumi for so long, and I finally gave in and ordered one for myself and Rin.

I ordered from kigurumi-shop.
I was very pleased with their service. They sent very prompt email notifications, and gave me a UPS tracking number. It also shipped in very fast! They were just under $60, which seems to be the standard price. I've never seen a cheaper price at conventions or online.

I bought Rin the cute and cuddly Owl (which is a soft pile fabric), and myself the fierce Halloween Black Cat (which is a nice fleece).

They are really nice quality, and very warm - and I've only gotten overheated once! My only complaint is that is is a tiny bit short in the legs for me. My ankles do show. ):  I don't feel like 5'6" is very tall, but I've been told I have long legs. And these are made for Asian people, so I guess I have to take that into consideration.

It has nice sweater cuffs instead of plain elastic.

Cute embroidery, and the mouth and tail are stuffed!

I decided to do a manba inspired look, but got too tired halfway through to complete the look. Nevertheless, here are some camwhore pics!

My scary before and after! 

Honestly, I could live in a kigu. Do you have one?