Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I actually got to celebrate Easter twice! First with my boyfriend and friends, and then again with my family.

Remember my sneak peek?

Well this is everything me and Rin bought for Easter:

We probably bought too much, but Rin and I get excited about celebratory things. Everyone got a mini Easter bunny, a Cadberry Egg, a moustache, and other little goodies and candies.

These candy eggs are sooo good~!

Some adorable sheepies we found while out shopping. But they were $10 apiece, so we decided not to get them.

We celebrated Easter a few days early at The Boyfriends house. (Rin and my boyfriend live in the same house with some roommates) We set up this cute display and left it out for them to find.

It was so fun watching everyone with their basket. Me and Rin felt like proud parents on Christmas morning, lol.


Everyone agrees that my boyfriend Kevin looked like some creepy Korean version of the KFC Colonel.

The chicks were multiplying in Eric's beard.

My mother gave me a few things for Easter as well. I got some silver eyeshadow, and a really awesome teasing brush by Cricket. And CANDY, of course! We went to my older sisters house and dyed eggs and had breakfast. We have been trying to get back into our small holiday traditions for my nephew Hayden. But honestly, I love it! The silly traditions are part of what makes it so much fun!

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