Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gal Makeovers: Agejo

I got back from vacation Sunday, but I'm still so tired! And I'm sick too, with a cold. I think its the weather change from being in the Smokey Mountains to coming back home. And it doesn't help that we've been having severe thunder storm almost every day since I got back!

Well I have a TON of pictures of my trip to share (over 500 >.>;;;), but thats not what I'm posting this time! I will eventually, when I get done resizing - its such an undertaking! Tonight I bring you another edition of the Gal Makeover series: Agejo! I modeled for this one, and of course put together my own outfits, and did my own hair and make up.

Rin has way more bling than I do, I got to use a lot of her accessories.

My before picture. *cringe* With no make-up, and my natural hair.

Everyday Style:
I made the bow!

Oh, I had such a time with this hair! Obviously, I'm wearing my extensions. They don't match for many reasons: they were a different color online, the lady at Sallies sold me the wrong color dye for my natural hair, it was extremely hot and humid, and my ac was broken and I was frustrated!

I'm sad because we had planned for a previous shoot to this, but it fell through, and I think my hair looked much better that day. But I was at a different house that day, so maybe it was just the lighting? And that ac worked, ha ha!

Three sets of lashes! Full top lashes on top and bottom (I've lost all my bottom lashes T_T), and an accent lash at the corner. I like it a lot, but its definitely not something I'd do every day. What do you think?

Lol, Mothers Day was long past at this point, but were the most Agejo appropriate nails I have.

I look pissed!

Work style:

Got to put my high school prom dress to good use after 5 years! Unfortunately it seems I was so excited that it still fit that I forgot to make sure my stomach didn't stick out!

Before and After!

Hope you liked this shoot!

I entered the first outfit as my Kawaii.i Contest Entry. If you like my outfit, then please vote for me [here]!!


  1. Oh my gosh you look amazing! I really like what you did to your hair <3 I bet it took you ages! o_O

  2. Thanks. It did take a really long time to curl those extensions!

  3. Your makeup looks sooooo amazing like this. 3 sets of lashes definitely makes you look like a glam goddess.

  4. I wish that it was quicker to apply, and more comfy to wear. :/