Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Huber Farm

First, let me apologize for the bad quality pictures in this post. I left my camera charger at my boyfriend's house, so I had to use my DSi.

The day after I arrived at Kentucky, we went to Huber Farm. I was expecting it to be pretty small - but I was so wrong! This place is HUGE.

A map I found in their ice cream parlor.

Its not only a farm, but a vineyard. They had their own grocery store and bakery. I bought some rice crackers and wasabi peas at the store. The peas were so much hotter than any I've tried before! Even the ones I bought at an asian grocery store! I'm glad I did buy them though - I got a cold when I got back to Huntsville and I've been using them to help clear my sinuses, ha ha.

Huber Farm also had an Ice Cream parlor, which sold cheese and sodas as well (kinda weird). And a wine shop, a restaurant, AND a petting zoo! All the food they sold was homegrown and made there - even the sodas and ice cream.

My beautiful family, lol. One of my sisters, my mother, and my cousin.

My nephew is the most adorable farmer.

We mainly went there for the petting zoo of course. But I was soon to discover that it was really more of a feeding zoo! These animals could not have been less interested in being petted!

This was the first time I've seen a horse this close since I was very young. I was so surprised at how large their eyes are!

Hayden really loved riding the horse - he was smiling the whole time!

These were the first animals we were greeted by after the horse ride. I don't know what these guys are called - none of the animals cages were labeled  - but they are some kind of poultry. They were really skittish and shy, and they had really small wings, and what looked like horns on the tops of their teeny heads - SO WEIRD.

Mallory was getting freaked out by the goats rectangular pupils, so she wasn't really interacting. But I finally convinced her to feed this miniature pony.


I was hoping to see the peacocks flare their tail feathers, but no... I think they only do that when they are mating, or feeling threatened.
This turkey kept gobbling to get my aunt to feed him. It was really loud.Ugh, Turkeys are definitely not my favorite animal... So freaky looking! Like a feathered dinosaur. 

I loved the chickens though! So colorful, and their feather markings were so nice.

There was a sign saying not to stick your fingers through the fence because the rabbits may bite. Clearly, we did not heed. They were SO SOFT. And they didn't bite!

I love me some llamas.

Such a cutie, wish I had gotten a better picture.

THIS GUY. He was very persistent about being fed. I did feed him, but I really wanted to pet him too since I like llamas so much. But when I put out my hand to pet him, he would look at me like, "I can't eat that."

Oops, someone let the ducks out.

Just kidding, they followed my cousin over from the pond.

Found the deer! And this duck hissed at me! LOL



So cute, nibbling on the fence. I kept trying to take a picture with my phone to send to Rin, but every time it would start nibbling on my phone instead, ha ha.

The Farm also had a playground type area, with some swings and mazes. My mother thought it would be a good idea to have a race on the tiny bikes. The winner would get $5.

I tried to peddle, but the bikes were so small my knees hit the handlebars! And everyone else was cheating. But we each got a dollar for "participation", lol.

"Mountain Slide"

Hayden also rode the cow statue in front of the ice cream parlor.

I got a green apple flavored soda. It was ok. The flavor was very candy-like, but I thought it was too carbonated. However, I am picky, since I don't really ever drink sodas.


I got blackberry ice cream. I thought I would like the blueberry more since its my favorite fruit, but this one was better~ It even has real fruit in it too. The texture was also a bit different than store bought ice cream. More creamy than icy, and it didn't melt as quickly in the mouth - so you could really savor the flavor~

It was really colorful too.

So much fun, I've love to go back sometime. I wish they had their ice cream for sale by the gallon!

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