Saturday, May 7, 2011


Waaaah! I was going to enter into Sara Mari's Spring Nail Art contest, but the submission date is already up!

Last day to enter was May 1st! Of course, I didn't have power the weekend I planned on submitting them, and I did not think to bring the nails to Kentucky with me. UGH. Oh well, I still plan on sending her a picture of the nails anyway. I still want a bit of recognition for my work, lol.

Here are the nails I made for the contest:

I decided to go with Mothers Day, since most other people went with floral. I actually had two other sets designed, but I ended up liking this set the best.

My first set, very bright and flowery.

My second set, which is Easter themed. Both sets are very much not finished. They are not done being painted or filed. I had also planned on adding a 3D Rilakkuma to both sets.

I made this simple nail template to draw out my designs.

My mother got really excited when I told her about the nail art contest and she gave me some of my Easter gifts early!

She gave me a set of striping polishes, a nail art pen, and a pack of confetti and stuff. I loved everything except the art pen. The nail art pen is for some reason water based, it was watery and didn't look like polish - just that my nails were kinda grey-ish. I was very disappointed and suprised with Cina.

Ah well, at least I got back into nail art, if nothing else!


  1. LOVE THEM!!!! Girl you need to start doing my nails for me!!! They feel so unfab.

  2. Says the girl who went to a salon and got them done the other day. I would like to start working on nails again, so maybe I can make something for you. Wheel C.