Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eisley's Turning Tides Tour

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! The past week has been so busy for me, even though I didn't have to go in to work at all! I went to see Eisley perform last Tuesday, and the rest of the week was spent preparing for selling hardcandy house jewelry this past weekend.

I went to the Eisley show with my very good friend Ellen. We both have a long time love for the band. Although, she is a much better fan than me! I get all the updates from her - I'm so bad at keeping up with things like that. BUT I am proud to say that I was the one who introduced my circle of friends to the group. I discovered them when MTV very randomly played a tiny clip of an interview with them back while I was still in high school. Thus my Eisley obsession began. Eisley was my favorite band for a solid 3 years. Their music got me through some very tough times.

If you are into alternative / indie rock, you may really like Eisley. They are like a modern day Partridge Family. The band is made up of the Dupree sisters (Sherri, Stacy, Chauntelle) and brother (Weston), and a cousin (Garron). Eisley's music used to be primarily whimsical and playful, but as they've grown up their music has started to deal with much more adult issues, like break ups. They also write all their own music. SO TALENTED. This is their latest music video, to give you a feel of the type of music they do:

Stacy looks so beautiful in this video! I mean, the girl IS beautiful, but the noir look really suits her.

Onto the pictures! Some of these are my pictures, but most were taken with Ellen's much better quality camera. Guess which ones are which!! haha...

We left for Birmingham as soon as Ellen got off of work. The concert was at the Workplay.

My hair started out looking really good, but it fell. I did the piecey look you see in a lot of  Agejo hair styles. Too bad you can't actually see it!


Me and Ellen kinda stuck out in the crowd, as we were the only non converse / sandal & cotton wearing hipster there.

These two were the first to go on to play. I didn't catch their names, but they did mention being the " younger, not as cool, not in Eisley" members of the Dupree family. See? Told you. Partridge Family. So musical.

Such a cool guitar strap!


We got these free posters! Yay, free!

The Narrative was up next. 

They were pretty good. And funny too!

Oh, quality difference.

Weston is such a handsome giraffe.

Sherri's cool guitar she doodled on. Such a cute Alice~


Finally, EISLEY!





Sherri got some new tattoos.

To be honest, Sherri is my favorite member (oh no favoritism). She is full of so much creativity! Not only does she sing and play the guitar, she also does all of their artwork and shes a pretty awesome photographer as well. Here is a link to her tumblr and flickr.

It was so much fun, and it was good to go see live music again. I hope you can becomne a fan too!


  1. ohhhh! I used to love Eisley so much! >O< <3 beautiful!!

  2. Seems like ya'll had such fun!!! I miss Ellen!! <3 Glad you got to see them hun!

  3. Seems like ya'll had such fun!!! I miss Ellen!! <3 Glad you got to see them hun!

  4. ohhhh! I used to love Eisley so much! >O< <3 beautiful!!

  5. It was fun! And Ellen will be helping out with Persacon, so at the very least you can see her then!

  6. Yay! I always love hearing about other fans since Eisley is so small and relatively unknown ~<3