Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luxy Extensions Review

I got my Luxy extensions in the mail yesterday, and I was SO excited!

Mimi and Leyla

This is the first online order I've ever made by myself~! It took me forever to actually order them though, because I am such a newbie at Paypal. I transferred money into my Payal account, instead of just linking Paypal to my debit card. Oh well, live and learn.


I was pretty happy with how quickly they showed up (even though the last day I was really impatient because I knew they were in town). I ordered these on June 4th and I got the confirmation that the payment went through the same day. My color was back ordered though, so wasn't able to ship out until the 6th. I received an email saying to expect my extensions to arrive the 8th-13th. They also sent a tracking number, which I really liked! They arrived on the 13th, and I had been sitting around all day wondering when they would get there! So excited!

To be honest, this hair is much healthier than mine! It has a silky texture, is very soft, and has a healthy shine. I did find a few split ends - but they weren't too bad. That is only to be expected with human hair.


I bought the 160 gram set. When looking at it in the package, it wasn't as thick as I expected it to be. However when I tried it on the thickness was very natural and believable.

This set comes with:
- 1 : 8” weft
- 1 : 7” weft
- 2 : 6”wefts
- 2 : 4” wefts
- 4 : 1.5” wefts


The snaps were very easy to put in, and stayed clipped tight even to thin pieces of hair. They seem comfortable, but I can't say for sure since I only wore them for a tiny bit. They also were quite easy to take out, contrary to some video reviews I watched.


Ignore the derpy face, this was just a quick try out. This hair seems sooo long! Longer than 20"! The extensions I made for Rin were 18", and it seems like there is more than a 2" difference between the sets. When worn, the length stops just under the bust.

I ordered #6, Chestnut Brown. This is the one area I was disappointed in, but I had been expecting a bit of a problem.

Luxy's picture.

 My pictures,  without and  with flash.

The colors online were off quite a bit. It is always hard to accurately capture a color of shiny hair, and then add everyone's different monitor setting... Even so, I had expected them to be much lighter than they were. The color is a nice multi tone brown, with blonde flecks. But I had been expecting something slightly more coppery, with a slight red to it.

The original idea was to buy the closest color to my natural one, and dye the extensions to match my own. However the extensions are quite a bit darker than expected so the dye I planned on using probably wouldn't make a visible difference.

Holding a weft up. I guess the difference isn't as extreme as I make it sound, but its still obvious.

Don't get me wrong, these are usable! The color is actually very close to my natural shade. Although I have about 2 inches of roots, the rest of my hair is dyed. Its a very subtle color difference, but the tips of my hair are more red and very faded, making the extensions very obvious. So, since I've decided not to dye my hair anymore, I'm just going to find a brown rinse to help even out the color.

$140! That may sound like a lot to some people, but the usual price range for human hair extensions is from $300-500! I have not seen a price as affordable as this. And shipping is free worldwide!

Will have to save this for another day! I have no idea what to do with them once they are on my head!

I am very pleased with my purchase! I'm more frustrated with myself because of my stupid unhealthy dyed hair! I also have never had extensions before, so I have no idea how to style them! But practice makes perfect, and Luxy has a lovely youtube channel.

I can't wait to try some big bouncy gal curls~


  1. I'm saving up for some extentions. I didn't want to spend over 150, so these are going on my maybe list!! <3 Great review honeybunny!

  2. Thanks! If you buy from luxy, you can e-mail them a picture of yourself and they will tell you what color would be best.

  3. i am looking at buying these extensions but am torn between the #6 chestnut brown colour or the Dirty Blonde and then dye it a lil darker? Cause i'm growing out my natural hair which is a light brownish but my ends are still blondish. arghhh so frustrating.

  4. Hmm, I would go with whatever is closer to your natural hair color - because I've found that finding a dye that matches your natural color is HARD. I bought a semi permanent (ammonia free) hair color recently to dye my faded ends, and now my hair matches my extensions really well. If you need help deciding a color, you can email the Luxy sisters and they will tell you what color they think is best.

  5. Ooooh these look cute. I really wanna see them styled in your hair. o_o 20 inches is so long though... I wish they had it in shorter selections. Still it would be cheaper to buy indi remy hair and make my own clip ins. I could get 2 packs of 18inch hair for $140.

  6. Yeah, you could definitely make them cheaper. The only problem I was having is that a lot of the times the package would say 100% human hair, but when it was dyed it would turn a weird color. Meaning it wasn't 100% human,it was a blend. So I felt more comfortable buying premade ones that I could be certain were all human.

  7. what color and band dye was it? Im trying to find one but i cant :(

  8. This is the link to the extensions that I bought: http://www.luxyhair.com/products/chesnut-brown-6-160g

  9. i have light brown hair, naturally. like you i have a hard time choosing what color i should buy. how much darker is this color in real life? this is why i hate shopping on line, everything looks different ;/ but i think chocolate brown would be wayy too dark if this chestnut brown comes out dark. idk, i need help lol

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