Friday, July 22, 2011

Gal Makeovers: Gyaruo

I'm back with more makeover pictures! This time I'll show you my boyfriend, Kevin!

Before :

Kevin is definitely not the most fashionable individual. Not gonna lie, he does that whole slip-on Adidas sandal thing that all Asians seem to do. T_T I hadn't originally planned on using Kevin, but it looked like some of my other male models may fall through, so he was a just in case. His outfits were kind of rushed, but overall I really liked how they turned out!

Casual Style:

My only complaint with these photos is Kevin! He was the worst model! He whined when I plucked his eyebrows and I couldn't finish them, and he insisted on playing Soul Calibur III while I styled his hair. He also gets really stiff in front of cameras. With the rest of my models I let them find their own pose, or showed them what I wanted and had them mimic me - I had to physically move Kevin. He wanted me to pose him because he wanted to make sure its "exactly how I want it", but I guess he didn't understand that stiff is the opposite of what I wanted! So if you can get past the awkward posing, I think he looks really cute!

These were all Kevin's clothes too! The only things that weren't his are the bandanna and the cuff. I wish more guys would understand that with a few accessories and a bit of styling they can be really fashionable. Or maybe its that most guys don't care!

Date Style:

Kevin also refused to smile! I pointedly asked him to and he said it made him uncomfortable! He is too self conscious!

I hope these pictures weren't too awkward to enjoy! haha

I have more makeovers to share with you, but posting may be pretty slow for the next few weeks. I'm going to concentrate on getting myself as close to bikini ready as possible, because I'm going on vacation! We are renting a cabin in the Smokey Mountains. That may not seem like a very bikini suitable place - but we are planning on going to some water parks and doing some scenic river tours. I am really excited, I haven't been on vacation in about 10 years! I have to start thinking of cute summery coordinates right away!

Until then!


  1. OMG what a change!!! He looks very good in gyaru-o style!!!

  2. I wish he would dress like this all the time! >.<

  3. LOL Kevin is always the last min, WE NEED A GUY! dress up doll...

  4. もしかして。。。KEV.BOUNCE!すごい変身ですよ。 \(^V^)/″

    Though, I wish the other guys hadn’t made such horrible fun of him. He looked really good and none of them could have pulled it off!


  5. I'm not surprised the other guys made fun of him. THEY WERE JUST JEALOUS! Ugh, I really do wish he would wear this on his own. But it does look pretty silly when paired with his SERIOUS face.