Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gal Makeovers: Oraora

Persacon is over, and I'm happy and sad about it! Its stressful every year, I'm always in a rush, and I never get any sleep. I had 9 hours total Friday through Sunday! But every year afterwards I think about how much fun I had and all the people I met. This was Persacon's last year, and I thought it fitting to retire my convention staff position as well. Maybe in the future I will still do panels for other conventions, but staff is preserved for Persacon~<3!

Speaking of panels, Rin and I presented 15 different panels this year! It was so much work, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I have a ton of pictures and info to share - primarily from the Gal Makeover Panel. There was over 800 pictures, so this will have to be a series of posts.

First Makeover I bring you is Stella, and we made her over in Oraora style!

Before shots:
 lol, we caught her in her pajamas since we started so early.

 I did Stella's hair and make up. I love her hair! Sometimes I wish my hair was still this long, and then I remember how much work it was and I change my mind, haha.

 I was full of really AWESOME faces that day.

 Outfit shot. Got the maxi and top from rue21.

 Stella had used a pink hair coloring and it was fading out. She hated it, but I think it looks so pretty!

 lol, my face

The finished hair.


Will and Rin sitting pretty.

 I did her nails too!

Stella got this SWEET shirt from Ross. It says NO on the back. She said she couldn't resist something that obnoxious, ha.

 Another face shot since I had forgotten the gloss and earrings. I always forget the details!

 My boyfriends roommate let us pose with his bike.

 Yay, garage full of crap!

Date outfit:

 We ended up not using this outfit for the panel, but I still think the pictures are cute. Although its a bit more haady Oraora.

 Yay finally finished the shoot! Had a brief moment playing with puppies before going to the new Japanese restaurant in town, Ichiban.

 We were greeted by this beautiful chandelier! Love~<3

 Some crappy quality pictures of the interior. I wasn't using flash at first because I didn't want to be rude - then I decided I didn't care, lol.

Ichiban was so much nicer than I thought it would be! And kinda 'spensive too. T_T Oh well, maybe it can be an every once in a while place, since my other favorite Japanese restaurant is much farther away.

I hope you like the Gal Makeover series! It was so much fun to do! Expect a circle lense review too! I got mine just before Persacon.

Whelp, goodnight~!


  1. UGH JEALOUS! Why am I never invited on model shoots!!! I'd hold shit for you!! <3

  2. あの日はとても楽しかったです!けどそのレストランが高価すぎる。(@Д@)″

  3. I think the restaurant would be ok for events

  4. I love this series! Tehe ^^ I think her second outfit is the best :D

  5. That one is my favorite as well!