Friday, April 13, 2012

What have I been DOING?!

Hey, it Friday the 13th! Wow, it has been QUITE a while since my last post! Since I left off saying I had to take a hiatus because I was sick - don't worry I'm not dead! I got over all that nasty mucus-y crap about two weeks after my hiatus post. So what have I been doing in the meantime? Well, quite a lot. I have been incredibly busy, and it looks to only get more so over the next couple of months. Here is a glance at whats been going on in the last month or so.

  Picture of the slightly wilted dogwoods in my front yard.


Not too much, but I have a few gets to share with you.


My uncle's friend stayed with us (specifically, in my room - so I stayed at the bf's most of the time) for about a week and did a bunch of repairs around the house. Including adding a lighted vent fan and huge mirror to our bathroom. You can see the tiny old pathetic mirror leaning against the wall in the background


I've decided to jump back on the exercise band wagon since I will be in a wedding in June, and want non-flabby arms! I've been doing EA Sports Active 2 four days a week. While I haven't lost weight, I'm really noticing more muscle definition. Especially in my arms! Yay!

I did a mural in my older sister's nursery. This is just a small peek of what I did, but there are paintings on every wall. I will do a full post later showing you everything~


Myself modeling some hch jewelry I made. Rin's new camera has a "beautiful skin" setting - its amazing!

Although you wouldn't know it by looking at our blog, hch has been very busy! We have submitted our portfolio to a couple conventions, and we are planning on selling at a local con the first weekend in June. We also have had about three different commissions in the past few weeks!


My nephew arrived two weeks early at about 6:30 Easter morning! His name is Brooks, and he is 19", 8.1lbs. I'm still really in wonder about him - my sister had been married for almost 10 years before she got pregnant. I had honestly given up on her ever having children!


The invite and some of flowers I made.

In June one of my best friends, Ellen, will be getting married, and I am her maid of honor. Although she has handled most of the prep work for the wedding (she is going into event planning), I've been doing some work for it too. I am making a fascinator for Ellen to wear on her special day, along with making small hair accessories for myself and the other brides maid's, and making flowers to add to the bridal party's shoes.

All in all, I haven't had much time to even get on the computer, much less blog. There hasn't been too much to talk about in my life, and I certainly haven't looked cute lately. I have, however, written up a few reviews and beauty posts. Posting will still be very very slow for the next couple of months, until after the wedding is over. I am a bit stressed about how full my schedule has become. I have plans for every single weekend in May, and in June I have a convention the weekend before the wedding! When all this is over I can't wait to take a week off and just do whatever I want to do! I've kinda missed blogging, and I REALLY miss looking cute.


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