Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks!...and hiatus

It didn't escape my notice...

Thank you 50 followers! <3

I'm glad some people may find this blog kinda interesting - I've been so boring lately!

And I'm afraid it will continue to be dead for a while, as I am (and kinda already have been) on a computer hiatus. I have been very sick for the past three weeks. My fever's have finally stopped, and I am on my second dose of antibiotics. Right now I mostly have a lot of congestion. I have mucus coming from my nose, throat, and even my eyes! Gross! So while I'm not photo-worthy, I am taking time to get myself better.

In the meantime, what would you like to see more of on this blog? 

  • Personal Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Fitness/ Health Tips
  • Beauty Tips
  • Outfit/ Hair/ Make Pics

I'm prepared to blog about any of the subjects, and have already started writing some. I will (hopefully) evetually get around to posting in all those categories, but I want to know what interests you the most. Maybe if I get votes soon I can start working on posts during my hiatus.

Really wanna see something else? Leave a comment,


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