Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Wedding

Early in October my boyfriend Kevin's roomates, Sara and JT, got married! And it was Lord of the Rings themed!

I always think swords when I think of weddings!

So epic.

Awww, even Hansy got  dressed up.

I followed Kevin, JT, and the groomsmen around for most of the day.


JT's parents.

I did JT's hair.

Hansy also got his hair done. Just not by me.

Here comes the bride! I love how JT looks SO EXCITED.

Cleavage and underwear, YEAH!

Sara's parents.

I was asked to hold the bouquet while they were snapping pictures. It left a large awkward wet spot on my pants. When I saw that, I cussed rather loudly. It echoed...and there were kids around. Whoops.

All the groomsmen got to walk a bridesmaid down the aisle - except Eric! He got to walk Hansy.

The vows and I-dos were the best part. They referenced Princess Bride, and Lord of the Rings. It was so sweet and dorky, and I totally cried!

The cake was so pretty. 


Something here is not like the other.

Definitely the best wedding I have ever been to.

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