Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disaster Date with Rachel

The other day was going to be so awesome. I was going to have a gal's night out with my girls Rachel, and Stella.

I was really pleased with my outfit and makeup too. I even made a fake usamimi out of some lace bunny ears I bought at work.

I got so many compliments on these nails~!

So we were on the way to Stella's to pick her up. It had started to rain, unfortunately. We were about two turns away from Stella's house, passing by a Steak Out, when we get hit out of no where on the passenger side. We go spinning, and go over the curb, ending up in the front yard of a dentist office (which, ironically enough, my sister works at). 

The woman who hits us comes running over. She works at Steak Out and was pulling out to make a delivery. Her sneakers were wet and they slipped off the break. She was freaking out, but Rachel and I were fine, though we were a little sore for the next few days.

The firemen show up and they are really nice. One is even pretty cute. They get confused about what me and Rachel are wearing though, and kept asking us if we were going to a Halloween party. We tried to explain gal fashion to them, but they didn't get it. I think my usamimi was really throwing them off, lol.

At first it looks like the car will be fine. Its dented up pretty bad on the passengers side, but looks drivable.
Then I walk around on the drivers side.

Apparently when we hit and went over the curb it messed up the axle and forced it out of alignment, so that the left front wheel was pushed far more forward than it should have. Basically, totaled.

When the cops got there they called a tow truck for us. Then the car got towed, and the cops left...and me and Rachel are left to wait for a ride in the rain. It SUCKED. We made jokes at the time that we should have gone and demanded food from Steak and Shake since we got hit by one of their employees while on the job. We were joking, but in retrospect we really should have! It would have been a better way to wait! Eating inside, rather than outside in the rain, huddled under the awning of the closed dentist office.

I am so glad that both of us were ok, because it easily could have gotten REALLY bad. That is the first wreck I have ever been in. I was pretty calm about it at the time, but I find myself now getting REALLY really nervous and clenching up when I see a car getting close on the right side. 

All in all, that day sucked completely. I really hope I will be able to get past the fear eventually.

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