Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I really do love Halloween. But then again, I also love getting dressed up and eating candy~

Some really yummy Cookies-n-Cream chocolate we sell at work.

October is pretty fun for me since I get to dress in costume all October. Last week was 1920's themed! But most of my coworkers were too LAME to dress up.

My younger sisters both go to school at Paul Mitchell, so I had one of them do a finger wave, and I brushed it out for my flapper costume. It looks cool, but feels SO GROSS. She had to put an amazing amount of gel in it. My hair was dry when we started...

Summer was my gangster!

Lauren was a cute Red Riding Hood.

Barbara the Trekkie.

Summer made us these adorable cupcakes~!

Stella was having a bad day, so I made her a little Halloween themed goodie bag. She loved it~!

Got some doughnuts with Rin. The box is so cute.

NoooOOOooodle legs.

I was Alice today.

Halloween nails. Tried something a little different after reading Mitsu's blog about Disco Nail Salon.

I really admire all the skill and detail Disco puts into her work. I tried doing some more intricate designs with striping polish and it was SOOO hard.

Good night~
Have fun Trick-or-Treating
(you are never too old)

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