Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I want new HAIR!

Hey! How has everyone's holiday's been? I had fun myself, but now I'm so tired! I have been meaning to update more, but I just haven't found the time to even get on the computer lately!

I have been feeling like its time for a change with my hair for a while now, but have been unsure what to do. I gave up coloring my hair to try to keep it as healthy as possible. But I have such long roots! Its not very noticeable since the last color I got was a close match with my natural one, but I can still tell. Its about 4"! And I glanced at the ends of my hair yesterday and saw I have so many dead and split ends! TnT I just got a trim not long ago, but my hair is very prone to damage.

So I think I have resolved to cut my hair! This will take care of my color growth and my gross ends! Although I am reluctant to go shorter in winter, but I think its worth it.

I have been loving Rumika's hair...

Does anyone know her blog, or where I can find more pictures of her with this cut? 


  1. Love that hair! I want a wig like that lol since I don't want to cut off my hair. I wish I knew her blog....

  2. Yeah I really want to grow my hair out, I do miss my long hair. But I also can't stand split ends and roots, lol!

  3. my hair have losed from front side