Thursday, January 26, 2012

Xmas GETS!

My fever finally broke this morning! I still feel really crappy, and I had to leave work after only 3 hours. My paycheck is going to suck! But lets focus on something more positive - how I racked up for Christmas!

FINALLY! I know its pretty late to be posting Christmas gets, but I had to -ahem- clean my room first. It looked really nice too, but then when I came home last night my family had stuck some huge boxes, and my nephew's Spiderman blowup toy in my room. T_T Its so nice to know that my bedroom can double as a storage closet.

Onto the presents!
From the bf: a tripod! (he is also planning on getting me a nicer quality camera once tax refunds come in); from the bf's mom: Korean recipe calender (yeah!), hand lotion, candle, and bottled lotion; from Stella: blinged bath wash set and a cute jewelry set.

Close up of the jewelry from Stella.

From sister Mallory: Free standing make up mirror; from sister Megan: cupcake ornaments; from "Uncle" Charlie: a cute card and $20; from Aunt and Uncle Richerson: $35 Kohls gift card!

From sister Tara: 3 pairs of knee highs from Apt. 9 (one pair is missing!), Alice in Wonderland Hallmark ornament, Hallmark Collectible Cupcake Ornament, White Rabbit Ring, and Sephora Sliding Compact.

Close up of this AWESOME ring!

She also got me this Crystal Effects embossing glue by Stampin Up! To any crafters out there, I highly recommend this stuff! Especially for deco.

And from my Mom! I'm not going to list everything, but here is a general overview: chocolate, undies, stud earrings, cardigan, jacket, bodycon skirt, scarf, makeup brushes, OPI nail polish, and black wedge ankle boots!

The two necklaces from my mother.

From Mom: Sparkly flats, a Nook Book (Blackveil by Kisten Britain - good series, HORRIBLE cliffhanger!), $30 giftcard for Barnes & Nobles; From Rin: Burt's Bees Radiance Lotion.

Unfortunately my nook DIED before I was able to finish reading my book. I have the original black and white nook. These apparently have a fatal error with the screen, where whole lines of pixels will go dead or be fused with a certain image, starting in the bottom left hand corner. There isn't anything that can be done about it except to exchange it for a new one. My Nook's screen not only died - the actual device isn't even recognized when I plug it into my computer. Since my Nook was a gift from Ellen last year, I did not get any warranty on it, so was unable to get it exchanged. But fortunately, B&N has free downloadable Nook apps, so I was able to finish reading my book with that. I'm planning on saving up for a Nook color - and get a warranty this time!

A cute tobagin, yet again from my mother!

From Ellen: cupcake scented candle, socks, and a cake necklace and earring set.

The socks! I already told her I'm probably never going to wear them because they are too cute like this. They are vanilla scented, and Shea infused.

And the adorable rainbow cake jewelry. She got it from Mmagda on Etsy.

I bought this for myself from work for only $2!

I have quite a few favorites. My bedazzled Mossimo cardigan, e.l.f. make up brushes, Mossimo wedge boots, all of my knee highs, Candie's scarf, the killer striped jacket, Candie's bow stud earrings, and my mirror!

I was able to mark off a few things on my Wishlist. I got quite a few stud earrings, a black cardigan, ankle wedge boots, a bodycon skirt, and lots of knee/ thighs highs. I took a few things off my list because I can just make them myself - like the tassel earrings, cross necklace, and damaged jeans. I don't even know why I put the polka dot skirt on there! I already have two! All the other stuff I'm planning to go shopping for with my giftcard, tax refund, and hopefully lots of coupons. I  have given up on buying really cheap clothes, but I still want a good deal!

Well hopefully this post wasn't too rambley, I blame still being sick. I've been uploading my gifts on poupee girl, so tell me what you think and give me an add~!



  1. oh wait!
    Is that an alpaca with glasses ring????

  2. YOU ARE SO SMART! It isn't - it is a rabbit - but I am definitely going with Alpaca from now on!