Saturday, February 11, 2012

Product Review: Sultra, The Wicked Styling Iron

I wanted to tell you about a new hair iron that my sister got recently. Its The Wicked Wave & Straight One-Inch Iron by Sultra

This iron is one inch wide, uses Kryocera Ceramic Technology and heats up to 375°F. Sultra claims that this iron will repair your hair with infrared rays. They also guarantee that you can get the look you want with just one pass of this iron.

A very unique feature this iron has, that I've never seen before, is that the ceramic plates move. This is supposed to help prevent snags, and ensure constant even heat. 

The plates also have no gap, and can be squeezed even closer to get your hair pin straight.


 squeezed close!

I've used it a couple of times, so here is what I think!

Heats up EXTREMELY FAST. Maybe about 5 seconds.
Absolutely no snags! This is the smoothest hair iron I've ever used!
True to its word, I was able to get my hair done in a single pass.
The rounded edges of the iron made it easy to get the curl I wanted.

The power switch is on the inner side of the iron, and is a bit awkward to get to.
There is no temperature setting, which I strongly dislike. I have easily damaged hair so I usually use a low heat setting. Sultra claims the ceramic will self adjust its heat according to your hair type, and that it actually repairs your hair. I don't believe that for a minute - heat is bad for your hair, there is no way around it. Even if it may be able to self adjust its heat, I want to be the one choosing what heat level.
At $165, this iron is a bit pricey.

Here is a quick curling style I did. No styling or products( and no make up)! Just me and my freshly curled hair!
I was able to finish my hair very quickly - maybe 10 - 15 minutes. Normally its an hour!

I do like this hair iron. It was the smoothest, tug free process I've ever had with an iron. But I am not especially tender headed, and I am far more concerned about the health of my hair. Not being able to adjust the temperature is an absolute no go, and it is more than I would like to spend on a hair iron. I will not be purchasing The Wicked for myself (though I may borrow it from my sister occasionally, haha). I do, however, recommend this for those who are very tender headed, short on time, or can afford it!



  1. Having moving plates is such a great idea! Not being able to manually adjust the temp is pretty bad though, and would make it a no-go for me as well. Thanks for the review! :D

  2. It is really nice. My sister is a cosmetologist, and its goof enough for her!

  3. It is a great idea, I just wish they had gone 100% to make it an awesome iron. No point going halfway!