Friday, February 10, 2012

Recent Gets, +1 Outfit, and Stuff

Posting has been slow going for me lately. Although I do have some pictures to catch up on, not a whole lot has been going on. Work has been scheduling me on days I'm not available. The weather has mostly been too rainy to let me wear all the outfit I've been thinking up to go with my new wedges. I haven't even been able to wear lashes or lenses much lately because my eyes have been tearing up so badly. I guess that's what spring is about - rain and allergies. ):

But I did buy some things recently, and I was able to squeeze in one decent outfit on Tuesday!
 I bought a dress from Target, salad dressing and chocolate from my favorite Japanese restaurant, and nailpolishes. My mother bought me a maxi length cardigan that I am so happy with! I can mark that off my "to buy" list. She really got a great deal too. When she looked at it around Christmas it had been $60, and she got it for $12!

 New nailpolishes. The silvery one is actually a very light sparkly lavender that I'm in love with.

 And my not-so-sweet Japanese chocolate. 

And here is the outfit I squeezed in Tuesday. I only wore it out to grab a quick bite of food and to go to Target, but I was so happy to get to wear my new wedges and dress! I have a really awkward character hair, and my "everyday make up", so lets just focus on the clothes. >.>; Oh I cut my hair too! Its been about a month lol, and you probably can't tell because my hair looks stupid in these pictures. It is quite a bit shorter now (doesn't touch my shoulders), and it is longer in the front than the back.

Outfit rundown:
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Party City
Dress: Target
Bracelet: Party City
Tights: Party City
Shoes: Target

lol Half Party City and half Target. I did feel a smidge awkward wearing this into Target, haha.


I'm sure a lot of you have seen Target's new mini collection from Jason Wu. I overall don't care a bit about designers, since it is too expensive for me. Also, they usually run too small for me, so on the rare occasions when I have actually wanted a piece, it doesn't fit anyway. I usually don't pay much attention when Target gets new designer items, but when I saw Sara Mari post about the collection I fell in love with some of the items.

The cat mascot is absolutely darling, and I thought the blouse matched up well with some gal trends. But what I really wanted was this purse:
I love monotone, and I've wanting a satchel purse for a while, so I really fell hard for this purse.

I did go to Target on the Jason Wu premier day, but at 4 when I finally got off work. I could not find any of the accessories. I went again at 8am the next day before work and asked an employee about it since online it said that particular store still had some in stock. She checked and the system said there were 4 in stock, but after asking around we got several confirmations that all the Jason Wu accessories had sold out premier morning. Yet online still said they had some in stock for several days before finally saying sold out.

All I can say is,"DAMN YOU!" *shakes fist*


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