Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AWA Fashion Snap & Bonus Halloween!

I thought I'd share what I wore at AWA. There is only one gal outfit below, but if you like other J-fashion, you might like this post too. But be warned! These pictures are full of so many derpy faces! I'm gonna blame the fact that we were running on less than 4 hours of sleep per night. There are also red eyes galore in these pictures, but I don't have Photoshop, and I'm way too lazy to correct it with paint!

 These are the nails I made for the con! I don't like the polka dot nails, but I love everything else. Especially my hand painted plaid that matched Saturday's skirt!

This is the first time I have put dangle charms on my nails, and I'm not gonna lie - it got caught on stuff. But It wasn't as bad as I thought, I think I could get used to it.

Friday: Fairy-kei

 Made these Poupee Girl bows for my sneaks!

 Sorry I don't have better outfit shots for this day. These candid ones show our outfits much better than our posed shots, which were all from the waist up.

Friday Night: Lazy Amekaji

 For this shot we were trying to think of silly poses to do, so I said lets pretend to pick each others noses. Then Rin actually puts her finger up my nose. Thus my face.


Satuday: Rock
 Rin, my, and Mana Starre's nails

 I altered the skirt and shirt! I'm quite pleased with this outfit, other than it making me look a bit pudgie. I was wearing two shirts, and the HOPE shirt is huge and was longer than my skirt so I had to bunch it up.

 Oh, face.

 I'm so sad my hair fell! I tried for about an hour to do something with my extensions, but had to finally give up. I teased my hair for a good 30 minutes, but it really fell. I didn't bring my usual fine tooth comb, and used a teasing brush instead. I think brushes really can't get hair as big as combs.

Saturday Night: Thrown together
 Just a quick change of outfits, wore my new wig, and washed my make up off.

Sunday: Polka dots!

おまけ Halloween!!
 These pictures are from a photoshoot we did a couple of weeks before AWA. I think these pictures of me are much cuter!

 I actually altered this into a Halloween dress for the first year I went to AWA!

I hope it wasn't too painful to look through these pictures! As usual, I feel frustrated with my fashion. I really want to become a better gal, but it takes a lot of time - which I never have much of! Oh well I guess all I can do is strive to improve.

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