Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween~!

Well, I actually didn't do anything festive today! I've been feeling sick since last night, so I just layed around and played Rune Factory 3. But I have been getting in the spirit practically every other day! I dressed up a lot for work, and I also got in costume the past two weekends while selling some hardcandy house jewelry at the Flying Monkey. I thought you might like to see some pictures!

The first two outfits are from Flying Monkey.

I also did my nails! I've decided I need to wear nails for every holiday.

The nail that says Trick or Treat on it did have a 3D candy on it as well, but it broke while running the register at work. ;_;

I know how to smile so nicely /D

I wore my French Can Can Girl costume this day.

My accessories:
Bracelets made by me~

Necklace by me~

Earring made by Rin~

Hair sprinkles by Rin~

Hat by Rin~

And cute tights I bought at work. I love how tights x heels makes your legs look great!

I was wearing a super long pigtail clip that I curled. It was SO poofy! I felt like Pin...except her wigs look way way better!

A guy asked to take our picture, and later we were asked to sit beside out table instead of behind it so people could see our costumes~

And what I wore to work yesterday! Yes, I do recycle outfits!

My adorable nephew was a kangaroo!

I also wore this to work.

And I own this Playboy costume as well, but its a little too riske to wear to work /D

Hope everyone has fun getting dressed up and eating candy~


  1. Thank you~ They are some of my favorite I have made so far.