Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Saturday and camwhoring!

Last Saturday was an extremely busy day for me! I woke up at 6 in the morning to start getting myself pretty, so I could go ring shopping with my friend Ellen. Her and her long distance boyfriend are engaged, all they need is a ring!

Not going to lie, this post is mainly pictures of myself. Every once in a while I get discouraged with my personal fashion, and also feel guilty if I haven't dressed up in a while. So I will have days like last Saturday where I will set out to prove to myself that I still have some gal in me by taking lots of pictures of myself!

Wearing GEO Fresh Grey lenses, and a set of my Darkness lashes.

I made this fur tail for my AWA outfit. I think its a little awkward since the fut sticks out in all directions (I made it from a collar), but I still like it ok. Even though they are not in style anymore?

Here Ellen is saying, "Yay, I'm domestic!" as she cooks me breakfast.

Ellen came to pick me up at 9 am, but we stopped back at her house to wait on her mother and sister. And she made me a breakfast burrito! :)

We headed out to Fayetville to shop, since there is a jewelry store there her mother likes. Fayetville is a really small town with a lot of old stores, a vintage theater, and tons of antique shops. Everything is within walking distance, so its the perfect place to visit while enjoying the lovely fall weather! Unfortunately it was really hot that day and I was burning up even without any sleeves on!

Fascinated by how sparkly my Simply Vera boots are on the trip there.

It was also CRAZY BRIGHT that day. No clouds at all. I forgot my sunglasses, and had to walk around most of the time looking at my feet or my eyes would water.

The jewelry store we visited. Ellen didn't find "the one" but they did have this super cute Hershey Kisses line!

All the pieces were diamond encrusted and super sparkly!

Camwhoring in some antique shop.

Ellen and her mother are so cute.

SWEET car. This picture gives you an idea of how bright it was that day. I didn't use flash for this.

This salon's name amuses me.

We visited a few other places, including a fabric store where I bought some very cute Halloween fabric, and then headed back home. 

What I wore:
I never usually do outfit rundowns since I mostly have cheap clothes, and I can never remember where I bought it or the brand. But I will attempt one today! I will just put where I bought them.
Hat: Target
Necklace: Gift from Pix
Cardigan: Gift from my sister
Shirt: Walmart T_T
Skirt: Papaya
Tights: Target
Boots: Simply Very by Vera Wang (I know this one!)

Next I headed over to Rin's place to work on more nails for hardcandy house. Our nails were a hit at AWA, and we need to replenish our stock. We also bought a bunch of 3D nail art molds that are so fun to use! 

Rin's boyfriend showed up and we went out to grab some food.
Bruschetta from Mellow Mushroom.

And my beautiful frozen yogurt creation at Sweet Cici's.

I was supposed to go back to work on more nails, but I started feeling really sick and had to head home instead >.<

I'm still feeling "not gal enough". I think part of it has to do with the common Westerner problem of stereotyping gal as blonde, tan, and slutty. I also am feeling a little bit lost right now since I haven't heard of any actual styles trending (like how retro girly was big), just individual clothing items.

Does anyone have any style/make advice so I can update my look?

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