Saturday, October 8, 2011

AWA Gets!

I got back from AWA on Monday, but I'm not ready to return to real life yet! We had so much fun, and I bought more than I ever have at a convention! Wanna see?

Mine, Rin's, and our friend Nigel's purchases from the con.

My purchases from AWA and Super H Mart!

Gifts for the boyfriend. 
The Shin-chan snacks are actually really good - kinda like cinnamon twists. And I got the shirt because Kevin always gets so angry when other people camp. But when he tried it on, he started laughing and said, "I totally camp." Well I guess hes not a real man! >:0

Cute charms. First on the left is from some artist- didn't get a name, then Sugarbunny Shop, Missy Cosmetics in Super H Mart, and the crooked mouthed Korilakumma is from the dealers room. So hilarious!

Adorable make up bag from Bara chan, and some NYX make up from Missy Cosmetics. I'm really disappointed with the sparkle liner - it peels up! ):

Scrunchie and earrings from Missy Cosmetics, and ice cream scoop bear ring from teenmermaid.

Lashes and face masks from Missy Cosmetics.

Lemon wafers (which taste like nothing :/), rice crackers, and Yan Yan from Super H Mart.

I've never seen double cream before!

My art haul! I was so impressed with all the really talented people that showed up this year! The top left is by Camilla D'errico, the black and white sketch is by Alice, the top right picture I didn't get a name for >.<;;, bottom left is by Muddy Melly, and bottom right is by Annie Stegg.

Unfortunately, my print from Muddy Melly got a wet spot and tore! I am so sad, since this is one of my favorite pieces.

I also bought this two tone lolita wig from Cosplay Wigs. The people at their booth were so nice and friendly! I'm going to do some things with this wig so it isn't so shiny, and probably put some waves in it.

I'm so happy with all my purchses! I need to go out and buy a lot of frames now!


  1. soo many nice purchases!! I want a wig like that >w<

  2. I wasn't sure about the blond, but I really like it!

  3. Oh~ I've seen Barachan's make up bag before! I wish I had bought one for myself, actually... ;u;

    Double Yan-Yan dips and two-tone wigs... I see a pattern there~ But nice haul! :D

  4. Ha ha, yes! Two tone FTW! Bara seemed to have a lot more fabric art this year. Last year all I saw was shirts, but this year she had the shirts, make up bags, and purses!