Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Gets~

The title is misleading since I didn't get all of this on Friday. Oh well! This was the first year I ever tried going out on Black Friday. I didn't get up early though, I think we headed out around 10:30.

My purchases from Friday:
Bought this at Khols. It was originally $24, but I got it for $9.40!

The rest I bought at CVS with a gift card I have been forgetting about for a couple years now. >.>

Eyeshadow palette for $2.99. It feels like a cream, but I'm pretty sure its supposed to be a powder?! Whatever, it was cheap.

Matte Eyeshadow palette by Physicians Formula for $7.99. I'm planning on using this to contour my nose. I hope it work better than the cheap e.l.f. stuff I've been using!

My eyeliner brush's bristles are really hard, and it hurts my eyes, and my eyelash brush broke - so this was the perfect buy!

A few other recent purchases:
I bought this because it claimed to have a rich color for a gloss, and I thought it was a lovely nude color. However, the color goes on spotty. Definitely needs to be worn over a lipstick.

I really love this 4 in 1 Nail Treatment by Sally Hanson, even if it is kinda expensive at just under $11!

I bought this giant bow tie from work, but I am planning on turning it into  big hair bow for a party I am throwing soon~

I couldn't resist this lip gloss, since it is so sparkly!

I also ordered some Christmas presents online last week. I can't wait for Christmas!

Did you dare the crowds for Black Friday?

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