Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secret Life

The truth is, I'm not 100% devoted to gyaru. It is definitely my favorite and most used fashion of choice, but I love a lot of J-fashions! I don't think this is really a secret, but I've never really talked about it on this blog before. Dressing up in other fashions is a big part of who I am, especially when I'm representing hardcandy house. My 2nd favorite J-fashion? Fairy kei!

I just wanted to share some (not so) recent outfits that aren't gyaru!

Big Bow: Made it!
Studded Necklace: Handmade gift
Pearl Necklace: JC Penny's
Sparkle Top: ?
Pink Dress: Forever 21
Socks: Walmart
Boots: Simply Vera
Purse: gift
Fur tail: Made it!

The theme for the day started as Barbie, but I guess it tuned into something a bit different..

And here are some pictures of hardcandy house when we dressed up fairy kei! A lot of people think the fashion only includes pastels, but it also includes a darker style that mixes blacks and pastels. We really love this style!
We got an especially huge table at mini Hamacon!

There is so much going on with these outfits, I don't know where to begin for an outfit rundown!

Mean muggin.

Its hch tradition to take leg pictures.

We forced some silly deco on a couple of our male staff friends. We weren't afraid to make them ugly this time, since they weren't paying for it.

In a face off, we decided the one on the left wins, since it has that big butterfly bling. lol

hch, and our cute friend and sometimes model wearing one of our especially tacky necklaces that she bought.

Speaking of hardcandy house, we opened up our etsy shop! It doesn't have a lot up right now, but we will be updating it in the next couple weeks, so keep your eye on it. You can check out hardcandy house's blog here.

So are there any other J-fashions you love?

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