Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Quick Snap

Just a few pictures of myself before heading out to go grocery shopping a few days ago. Sorry for the bad quality! By the time I got around to taking pictures, it was pretty dark. All the pictures I took with flash came out really overexposed. >.<

 I was pretty proud of my hair. Its hard to tell in these pictures, but it was pretty poofy. I also semi-accomplished the agejo piecey look. It wasn't anything very fancy though.

I meant to get an outfit shot, but ended up getting puked on by my nephew! EW
But what you can't see is that I was wearing a long black skirt, black ankle boots, black leggings, 

Still trying to figure out how to improve my makeup. I can never get it to look how I want unless I am looking at a picture. Also, I really feel my camera doesn't do it justice, it always washes everything out (maybe one day I can do videos?). Larger lenses would also help, I'm hoping to buy some when I get my tax refund!

Anyways, later ladies~!

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