Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations!

I finally got around to taking pictures of our decorations last night! I love Christmas, but its just not as exciting now that me and all my sisters are grown up. We don't go as all out as we used to. And my nephew is still young enough that we can't fully decorate because he will just pull it down. >.< But its ok, because "Santa" still leaves presents just for him!

This year I pretty much put up all the decorations by myself due to the hch Chrissoween Party I hosted. Its been a few years since we really put the decorations up as a family due to different schedules. But I don't mind, since I'm so particular about everything. XD

I think our living room looks really magical at night with all the lights.

I forgot to take a close up of our tree! T_T But here are some of my favorite ornaments:
Made by my older sister, I believe.

Made by my mother. This is my absolute favorite!

Again, made by my older sister.

I think this one with a picture of my nephew is so sweet >u< I think he wasn't even 1 yet!

The top of our entertainment center.

We hang ornaments and lights in our windows, too!

Hayden's cute visits with Santa!

We also have a few decorations up in our dining room.

Ornaments hanging from our chandelier.

We can't put our presents under the tree until Christmas day because out cats will r u i n them. So they are stacked awkwardly on this table instead. XD Man, I really need to do some wrapping as well!

Are you getting in the holiday spirit?



  1. *sigh* I wish we did Christmas decorating at my dad's house. He's against it though (it's all a gimmick he says, and it is, but still) but we do have amazing decorations at my mom's house!

  2. Yeah its definitely over commercialized and a money maker, but its still fun! But I love decorations and festive things anyways. :3