Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas Wishlist

I guess its kind of late to post something like this. But I'm not posting it with the expectation that someone will go out and buy me these things (although if they did that would be awesome!). I want these things, but if I don't get them from Christmas I plan to go out and buy (or make) them myself!

I don't want these exact items, just ballpark lookalikes!

I'm also planning on getting some more circle lenses in the new year. I want to get some lenses that are larger than 14mm, in blue and purple. I am in love with the Dueba Shiny/Puffy 3 tone lenses Sara Mari recently did a review of, but I'm not sure about them in blue - since they are so aqua. :/ But I do love them in purple! I'm also toying with the idea of some brown lenses...I really like the way Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown look, but I wonder what they will look like on light colored eyes.

Other than all that I need to buy some make up. For the time being I think I'm going to bulk order some lashes on e-bay. And I am curious about Canmake brand. I know a lot of gals use it. Their lip concealer, blush, and eyebrow mascara really catches my eye.

Do any of you use Canmake? What do you think?


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