Saturday, December 17, 2011

I got a kigu!

YAY! I have wanted a kigurumi for so long, and I finally gave in and ordered one for myself and Rin.

I ordered from kigurumi-shop.
I was very pleased with their service. They sent very prompt email notifications, and gave me a UPS tracking number. It also shipped in very fast! They were just under $60, which seems to be the standard price. I've never seen a cheaper price at conventions or online.

I bought Rin the cute and cuddly Owl (which is a soft pile fabric), and myself the fierce Halloween Black Cat (which is a nice fleece).

They are really nice quality, and very warm - and I've only gotten overheated once! My only complaint is that is is a tiny bit short in the legs for me. My ankles do show. ):  I don't feel like 5'6" is very tall, but I've been told I have long legs. And these are made for Asian people, so I guess I have to take that into consideration.

It has nice sweater cuffs instead of plain elastic.

Cute embroidery, and the mouth and tail are stuffed!

I decided to do a manba inspired look, but got too tired halfway through to complete the look. Nevertheless, here are some camwhore pics!

My scary before and after! 

Honestly, I could live in a kigu. Do you have one?


  1. Love it. If you live in the UK you can get a Kigu from - they post internationally too!

  2. Heyo! ^_^ i saw ur post on e_g, but didnt have an acc to comment so i came here~
    i think u have improved alot! But theres one thing thats bothering me in ur eye makeup- the lower lashes, that u r using in this post too ^ . In my opinion the makeup otherwise is ok, but the lower lashes just ruin it ._. and thats such a shame! on a side note i dont like this manba look on u that much, i think it makes ur pretty face look.. not so pretty >_< the makeup u had on ur previous post suits u so much better.Have u thought about replacing black eye shadow (or black eyeliner u have under ur lower lashes) with dark brown eyeshadow? i think u should give it a try, if u havent already (cant tell from ur previous posts T^T no makeup closeups!). it gives more soft look, not so cold n harsh.
    and lastly, i think it was ur thanksgivin hairdo- do it again, it looked nice. The green thingy , dunno whats it called (english is not my first language u_u) cardigan?, it didnt work with the rest of the outfit, even tho it matched the shorts. at least in the pic it looks like it makes ur figure look bigger, shapeless even? and please dont get mad im not trying to be mean or anything.. if u like it, ofc u should also use it, but with the floral top its not working out so well.. Its eating the prettyness of the floral top away! T_T maybe a black cardigan instead would work better?
    wish u all the best and happy christmas ~

  3. Thanks so much! No I don't think you are being mean, I love it when people can give honest factual opinions! Yeah, manba is not a very good look for me - I was just playing around. I would agree about the bottom lashes. I don't like the way they look - they are actually top lashes. At the moment, I can't afford to buy any bottom lashes, so I have been using top lashes since the secret said I need to wear lashes on the bottom as well. And I see what you mean about the green cardigan - it doesn't work so well! Thanks so much for your suggestions! I have a lot of learning and experimenting to do! I'm just waiting for money, so I can buy some new makeup! :)

  4. I'm not from the UK, but thanks for the link! There are some kigus I've never seen before on that site! :)